Friday, July 13, 2007

We Were Spellbound at Amuseapalooza Today!

We had so much fun today, shocker!! Caribou Coffee has been providing coffee for us at all our festivities! How generous is that?! The fabulous stampers today are Ruth Ann, Linda, Liz, JoAnn, Carolyn, Miss Tami, and me. Cara was our Artsy Tartsy helper! Other class participants include Wendy, Jodi, Carrie (candy), Hannelore, and Cheryl.

We had the tip of the day from Linda, to thread ribbon through an eyelet, first put dental floss through, make a loop, insert the ribbon in the circle and pull through! This works really well. You should look for the very thick dental foss that comes in loops.

The tip of the day on Wednesday was to use a coaster while pressing on punches. We have decided that stamping can be a dangerous endeavor. Ruth Ann knew of a woman who had surgery on her wrist after a night of vigerously punching paper! Tami has had some Exacto knife injuries and I have had an encounter with a paper piercer!

The winner of the prize today was Carloyn. You lucky girl, I totally want that stamp set!!

Today, Ruth Ann was "the goddess of details" and she was helpful in making certain we had addded all of the many finishing touches that Tami has on her cards, like the glaze pens.

Here the masterpieces are:

The leaves on the Jeppers Creepers card are by Crafters Direct and Tami thinks they may be discontinued items. The bat is from May Arts. This was one of my favorite "Tami details"!

The moon is from a Martha Stewart punch. Tami always has us stamp the inside of cards and the envelopes so I thought I would share a sample with you.

Are you catching all the new A Muse stamp images? I love them! What are your favorites so far?


mimihas5 said...

I did not realize that this was the last place that I couls post something for your calss. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful pictures of all of you. It looks like you had a terrific time and I sure wish that I could have been there. I found out about the floss trick quite awhile ago. It is petty cool. I love that stamp set with the sentiment "note To Self". How neat is that? I will be on a hunt for that one. I love the picture of you and Tami with all of the other ladies. You look very happy. Thanks for letting me be a part of your A Muse class through all of the pictures that you posted on your blog.


mimihas5 said...

PS. I think I am tired. ;) I forgot to mention that I love every single card that you all made.


Anonymous said...

The cards are beautiful... thanks for the gift of getting me motivated..

Elena said...

Kristina looks like you are having a blast! Thanks for showing off all the fun :)

Miss Wood said...

I am Tami, the tired teacher!!! Oh where o where is my galpal Kristina???....Out at some fancy smancy restuarant with the family and friends. Don't you know you need to get your butt home and update your blog. I need the scoop on the homefront. David and likey????? KL and I have certainly had a whirlwind of a week to say the least. Thank you God for NO speeding tickets and for me not running out of gas. I was so busy this week that I forgot to stop for gas. Oh baby am I ever on E....running on empty for sure...My well is dry and its now vacation time. Its Sat. nite and I am totally wiped out. It was a very fun week but I worked super hard with all the prep work but it was very rewarding. I'm in my recliner now, catching up on emails and blogs, and I literally have one eyeball open. I'm waiting for my AP reporter to get home from dinner so she can update her blog with today's festivities. We had a ball and I'm both happy and sad AP is over. Now I can rest. I hope everyone had a fun week celebrating all the cool new stamps. I taught a lot of classes this week (15 cards) and I was involved with three make and takes totalling five different cards on the make and takes. I guess I have a right to be tired. A big shout out to all my awsesome friends, new students and the wonderful young Artsy Tartsy ladies that helped me with all my AP events. Whew...I will sleep good tonight for sure. Hugs, Tami

Rhiannon said...

You guys ROCK! Looks like you all had sooo much fun :) Almost enough fun to make me want to come all the way to MN to celebrate!! Maybe next year! Love the cards, love the pics...and LOVE the awesome entry details :) Great job!!