Friday, July 6, 2007

I got tagged today by Kathleen Hopperstad's My Happy Place. Another version of Blog Tag. Here goes!

List Seven Random things about yourself:

1. I grew up in Binghamton New York, but was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
2. I met my husband in a seedy bar in Hoboken, New Jersey.
3. I have a Master's in International Relations and I used to work for a human rights organization in NYC.
4. I am allergic to Advil
5. I am addicted to chocolate
6. I love my bed right after I change the sheets, they are so soft and cool - heaven!
7. I am nervous that my daughter is going to middle school this fall!

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your local A Muse instructor! said...

cool beans KL. am I back on your list??? e mail me. ok. I need a little love today. Working like a dog for AP but with lots of little breaks. Its going to be a hot one. No not the weather me next week!! tee hee. I'm talking about the heat this weekend. You would not believe my A Muse order that came yesterday...3 boxes. So many new goodies. Its like Christmas in July!!! Some of the items are for AP door prizes because I'm such an awesome teacher right??? Ha Ha...Sending my HOT love to the family. Stay cool. Can you put ice in your hot tub?? Am I crazy or what??? xoxoxoxo

mimihas5 said...

I lived in Hoboken, NJ for about 5 months. :) That was many years ago. How neat that you met your husband there.