Saturday, July 14, 2007

Amuseapalooza 2007-The Finale in Plymouth, MN

Hello! What a wonderful day! Tami had 3 people come to the make-n-take at Artsy Tartsy as a result of reading this blog! Our new friend Chris was a big winner today! She won two prizes! She is a sweetie with lots of talent and she LOVES A Muse (don't we all?) and we are hoping she will be stamping with us lots in the future!

Two other blog readers were the fabulous mother and daughter duo of Darlene and Wendy! When I saw Wendy's name on the list of people coming today, I said "I recognize that name." It's because she has left comments on this blog! It was so nice to meet in person! Throughout the week, Tami brought in A Muse ATC's created by many women in the USA and Canada to inspire and showcase their work. We saw excellent ATC's from Darlene and Wendy. They have some amazing talent! We hope to see both of them soon!

Here is part of the make-n-take crew, Linda, Tami, me, Wendy and Darlene:

When I first met Tami early this winter, we met a fantastic and genuine woman from NY, Marie. We call our little group "The East Coast Conglomerate" because we are all from the North East. Here are the two beauties:

Other make-n-take girls include my new friend Ruth Ann: (here are two ATC's that she made - she is amazing! Although she did hide from my camera today, I managed to get one photo of her and Linda hard at work)

After the darling make-n-take:

we headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings. They donated a platter of wings, shrimp, and tenders to our festivities. How generous is that!? Here are the party girls (Kim, Gwen, Cheryl, Carolyn (not pictured), Marie, and me):

After our yummy food, we raced back for our Amuseapalooza class! The attendees were Marie, Kim, Carolyn, Gwen, Cheryl T., Chris, Cheryl F., Morgan (although she wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it in the end!), me and Tami! We laughed and had so much fun! We talked about our superstars such as Taylor, Scoopy, Amy Rysavy and Julie Ebersole. Tami was so psyched to see her friend Cheryl T. who she hasn't seen in a while! All the cards have the typical "Tami touches" with great attention to detail and decorating the inside of our cards and envelopes! Here are some of the masterpieces:

Tami had a great idea for a new A Muse stamp! "Sending you snowflakes" What do you think? Does she have a winner? Cheryl F. and I love it! We were all dragging a little bit by 4:00. It was such a special and memorable week! I will never forget it! Thanks to eveyone for the smiles and fun! Especially Miss Tami who is the sweetest and most talented gal around! Here is a photo of the aftermath:

And here is the A-Muse-Apalooza Finale Crew:

Tami would love to see all of you next year at A-Muse-apalooza!!!


Gramma_Dar said...

May I be the first to comment?
We had a wonderful time also. It was so nice meeting you too. Hope we can get together & stamp again soon! It was a fun week. Darlene ~SCS name is Gramma_Dar~

scoopy (Emily) said...

Sooo fun! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristina-
Its so awesome to sit back and read all this. I'll admit it. I'm happy its finally over!! And, I don't have to launder my AP shirt nor do I have to make up any class kits. The best part is I get to sleep in today (its now 1:30 Sunday AM) but its back to stamping right after I get up. I love all the photos (not of me) but the best one is the class aftermath and our goofy group shot. Again, I thank you for putting all the AP festivities on your blog. You are a great reporter KL!! We will celebrate your AP duties in Aug. at the double Kristina/Mallory birthday party. I can not wait to come down to Savage and party. Its so fun for me to look back on all the festivites now that's its all over. Again, I thank you Kristina for all your help throughout the week and for having this totally rocking HOT smoking informative blog. Most importantly I thank you for being my girlfriend woman!! See you next year at A*Muse Apalooza 2008. Hugs, Tami!

Oh and hi Liz!! (a little joke)

Mary said...

Thank you *very* much for sharing all of your pictures from the A-Muse-A-Palooza festivities. You girls all look as though you had a wonderful time. All of the make and takes were terrififc.Once again, I sure wish I could have been there with all of you. Maybe next year we will have a few stores here in NH that will carry the A Muse stamps. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristina,

I just found your blog through AMuse and I am loving all of your great photos. These little stamps are addicting! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Kristina:
Thank you so much for all the excellent A*Muse A*Palooza reporting. It was so much fun to actually be a part of it all on Saturday. Thank you and Tami for letting me join in the fun of your group and make me feel so welcome, that was really nice! I can't even believe I won two prizes. I feel like beginner's luck was on my side! Thanks also for the nice write up and not so flattering picture of me - oh well. I can't wait for more A Muse happenings, I will still be checking all the blogs for anything new and exciting as I am sure you will too. Thanks again, it was a very fun day.

Unknown said...

Wow, it was like a whole week of Amuseapalooza for you...lucky, lucky , lucky!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had such a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

it looks like you had an absolute blast! awesome cards, lots of fellow stampers--i'm so jealous! :) lexi

Anonymous said...

thanks for doing such an awesome job reporting all the fun events at Artsy Tartsy. You will always be a winner to me and I will give you a prize. You deserve it for all you did. I've already started gathering a few litle treats for you. I thank you so much for your friendship, love, and support.


deb said...

ooH.. it does look like fun! I love Amuse stamps! Thanks for linking about my giveaway. :) Glad to have found your blog!