Monday, July 9, 2007

My first two swaps are out the door!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Here is group one:

Thanks to Tami Wood, Wendy J., Tami Grandi, Sarah Bertolino, Anouk Martin, and Tisha!
Group 2:

We had some last minute changes to this group! Thanks to Rose DeGroat, Katie Guy, Patricia Kritkausky, DD Lewis, Angela Meuse, and 2 from me. I hope you all enjoy them, I cherish each one of them! This is definitely a new obsession. Like I needed another!! **wink**


Sarah said...

I got mine in the mail today!! Too cute! Thanks for organizing this great swap Kristina.

Tami said...

I got mine too- everyone did a terrific job! Kristina- I can comment from school- strange!