Friday, July 6, 2007

One Peson Will Win 1 Year Of A Muse Products!!

I'm not kidding... Are you planning to attend a store event next week? While you are there, make sure to complete an entry form for a fabulous Grand Prize drawing because that is the only way to enter! One lucky person will win a year's worth of new A Muse products! Is your heart racing???? What a dream come true for one lucky winner!!

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Jan Scholl said...

Sadly, my local stamp store was told they had to order such a huge minimum to participate that they could not afford to. They and I were very sad as we have been talking about this whole thing for weeks now. I also never could enter the online contests because I was always prompted to add cookie okays-even when I did say some were acceptable but it was never enough and I felt uneasy-not about the AMuse site but about other sites being able to add things.