Thursday, July 19, 2007

The secret up Tami's and my sleeve...

New A Muse Ribbon! The mystery prize for Trisha and Cheryl is one yard of each of these yommy colors!!

The A Muse ribbon is a super sparkly sheer ribbon with just a hint of color on the edge. They designed it to coordinate with their Paper Products, so color matching is a breeze!

So far, they are only selling it by the spool. They are looking into other options. Spools include 54 yards (50m) and cost $25 each.

Popsicle Pink
Swiss Red
French Roast (brown)
Passion Purple
Orange Crush
Cabana Blue
Fern (green)


scrappintrish said...

NO WAY! That is beautiful ribbon! oh, I LOVE it.. Thanks! And thank you Tammi too... :) I'm so excited!

Tami said...

That is gorgeous ribbon! If you ever decide to do a ribbon share/swap let me know- I am interested!

Rhiannon said...
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Rhiannon said...

I see a ribbon share comin' on :)

mimihas5 said...

I had seen a few of the new ribbons by A Muse. They are gorgeous. I hope that they come up with a better way to sell it though becuase 25.00 per spool is a bit pricey. :( Thanks for showing all of the colors.


CAKVD said...

ooohhh! I can't wait to get 'em!