Monday, July 16, 2007

Double Delight Winners

Congratulations to:

scrappintrish - you won Tami's favorite stamp, the Lacy Oval A Muse stamp plus 8 of something yet to be released. The release date is next Monday, so we will mail it then! There is still some suspense.

CAKVD (Cheryl KVD) - you won the new Inuit Girl A Muse stamp (my favorite) plus 8 of something yet to be released! Tami says that a few of you have guessed the mystery items correctly!

Please email me your snail mail addresses! We will get those out on Monday! I hope all of you enjoyed Amuseapalooza! Thanks for all the fun everyone!


Unknown said...

OMG! NO WAY! I am SO excited. I do not have any A Muse stamps. I have wanted some for a really long time but do not have the money to get any right now. My friend Simone just stamped me some Images. OMG!! I'm SO excited. This totally beats my bad day with the Heating Tool. lol. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!....

Cheryl KVD said...

Whooo Hooo! You made my day! I am so honored to be the recipiant of some yet to be released stamps! How cool is that?? Thank you so very very much! I am so excited!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the two winners. Kristina the rule is if we bought them each a stamp then they have to mail us a card with it. Don't you agree that is fair? I do!!! I'll be waiting. So happy they are happy.


Unknown said...

I already have cards ready to go!:) I'm on top of it.. hehe! Thanks again! And it is great starting a new friendship with you Kristina! :)

(Tami: If you read this, START A BLOG!! .. I hear you have amazing work and I would like to see it. :) If you start one please let me know. :) )

Unknown said...

Okay Blonde moment. I have Thank You cards ready to go. But I will totally mail both of you cards with the stamp that I won. :) I just re-read that and seen you said "With the stamp they won" hehe.. my bad! I will be on top of that also. lol.