Sunday, August 12, 2007

Warning! Etsy Enabling!

I have developed a bit of a love of Etsy! Have you been there yet? Do you have favorite shops? I'd love to hear what you've discovered there! Here are a few of my favorite shops:

The Small Object

This is one of the creations I have purchased from the little cottage industry of Sarah Neuburger who makes artwork, limited editions + handmade goods. You can find more items for sale on her online shop. I just love her work!

Sugar Elf's Shop

Have you gotten into the pincushion craze? Here is another splurge! I love the sweet faces on all of their pieces! This is definitely worth taking a peek!


So, are you seeing a common theme here? I am a big kid! Seriously, the work from this artist is pristine. All dolls are inspired by the drawings her children make. My doll came with notepaper and a darling magnet. It's all in the details **wink**. I hope you'll share your Etsy purchases and/or dream purchases! Happy Sunday!


Julie Campbell said...

I just found your blog (after you signed up for my blog candy! -- good luck, btw!). These little crafties are SO cute! I especially love that little doll!

tami said...

Thanks for the info. You are simply amazing. I can't wait for my phone to ring. I'm picking up all my clothes now in between "lapping" as my Dad likes to call it when his girls are on laptops and the grand kiddos.

I love what you bought. Its your birthday.

mimihas5 said...

I love the little doll that you got from Tiddlywinks. She is adorable. I am not familiar with ETSY shops but will certainly take a look at the 2 that you listed.


denny said...

I was totally thinking about buying a little mushroom doll just like yours! They're so cute. Etsy is pure evil... I cannot stop searching for more stuff so I had to stop going to their site. Anyway, yay for cute crafts!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Yeah, I need no help spending money over at etsy, I have been hooked for a while!

Anonymous said...

Is Sarah Neuberger from Paper Wishes?
Haven't seen the Etsy stuff. Will have to try to find it. Of course it isn't stamping...

A. Sanborn said...

You've collected some lovely pieces from your "etsy" excursions. I am familiar with etsy shops and try to stay away! *grin* However... it's always nice to browse and admire the beautiful pieces these ladies so lovingly create.

Great choice for sharing Kristina.

Anne :)