Friday, August 24, 2007

Ack! I WON!!

I just found out you all won me a Making Memories prize!! I don't even know what it is yet...Here is what the blog post said:

"In MM's August newsletter, we had a refer a friend to sign-up promotion for our newsletter. The FIVE readers who signed up the most people were promised a fantastic prize including the latest from MM. Thank you to everyone who participated.

If your name is listed below, then you are a winner. Email me your contact information so I can send you the prize. (

Chelsi Dall
Heidi S. Tallerud
Katie Piotrowski
Kristina Lewis
Tina Mayo"

I so owe all of you!! When it arrives, I'll show you!! ((hugs))


BLOG HOG! said...

you are a winner...hugs!

Rhiannon said...

WOO HOO!! I am soo excited that you won something :) That so rocks! You totally deserve it! Can't wait to see what you get...and of course what you create with it!! Take care!

Katie said...

Yea! So glad you won and that we could help! You better get a good prize, haha!

denny said...