Monday, August 20, 2007

Tami's birthday card!

This card is very special! Tami Wood made ths a while ago and it was selected as a card of the week for A Muse! I am so thrilled to have it! What an amazing gift! Thanks Tami!!


Ashley Bowen said...

OH Goodness! SO Cute!! I love pink!!! :o) I hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs! Ash~

tami said...

glad you like your card. You are in big trouble Oh well. Thanks for the great party. Loved your updates today. Hello to rest of the family. See you on Thurs.

scrappintrish said...

I would be thrilled to have it as well.. :) I'm glad you are getting so much for your birthday!You deserve it.. :) HUGS!

A. Sanborn said...

I'm not a "pink" girl, HOWEVER this is just the gosh cutest card and how fitting for a "special" friend's B'day! *wink* Your both AWES-bomb in my book!

Anne :)

PS... Kristina don't worry about sharing the photos of Tami... she just "talks" big about getting us! LOL... LOVE the photos Tami!

mimihas5 said...

Love this card Kristina. I do love pink so I think it is awesome. :) Tami you made a very pretty card for Kristina. Love it.


Tandra said...

OOOH that is so cute!!! Love the scallopy detail at the top! Wish I FIT into that bikini!
Hi Kristina!! Hi Tami!! {waving!!}