Thursday, August 23, 2007

Birthday goodies from Rhiannon!

Look at the wonderful creations from my friend Rhiannon! (You so need to check out her blog!) I have been so spoiled this birthday! Thank you so much! You have such amazing talent and I treasure these gifts!! ((hugs))


tami said...

Rhiannon is SO amazing. These gifts are so pretty. WOW!! You are so special KL and people love you!

A. Sanborn said...

Rhiannon's a very generous and lovely friend Kristina! What a beautiful "happy mail" day you received for your B'day! *wink*

Your a "special" friend as well Kristina!

Anne :)

mimihas5 said...

Oh my. What a lovely gift you recieved. Rhiannon is *very* talented.