Friday, June 29, 2007

My favorite part of Amuseapalooza

Amuseapalooza is almost here. It has been a fun and educational time leading up to the big event! I want to thank A Muse for finally prompting me to get my blog started. If you take a look, you'll see I never posted anything until the Amuseapalooza Ambassador Competition commenced. What I have discovered along the way is: I love blogging and my fellow bloggers. I can't believe how rewarding it has been to make new friends and join this amazing sisterhood! A funny side effect has been that when I now hear the word "candy", my first thought is a package of ribbon, paper and stamps! **wink** Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement and fun! Sorry if this seems premature, but my parents are arriving soon and I may need to slow down my pace on the blog for a week or so! (Don't forget I have blog candy that I am pulling for on Sunday!)

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