Friday, June 29, 2007

Ch#9 Crd #3

The layout is from a Tami Wood card. And Simone (check out her blog by clicking here), yes I did dust off those colored pencils!


tami said...

hey you!
thanks. It was the little monster card. right? I love your card. You should post that on your blog. Why not???

I love that shop in Texas. When can we go? In the fall? Hi Simone. I think you are a riot and KL and I want to come to the windy city and meet you someday.

Time for cleaning because mummy is coming? Been there, done that almost had a nervous breakdown too!! She kept saying over and over...I can't believe how many stamps and paper you have. I will tell you more at a later date.

'ole woodey

Leigh said...

Fabulous card.