Sunday, June 24, 2007

ch#8 crd#10 Have Another Latte On Me Day

This is Curly with a caffeine makeover! I love Alice in Wonderland, and this reminds me of the tea party. My husband thinks Einstein and Don King had a child and this version of Curly is the result! The stamps are A*Muse, the words are Rosie's Roadshow, and the hair is by Q-tip. **wink** Love those words!! They can be applied to so many parts of life. LOL! In what parts of your life is "how many are too many" applicable? For me, it is dishes, purses and stamps!


SpAzzGiRL said...

Love it!
Looks like one of those troll dolls. So great!!

mimihas5 said...

This card is so cute. Love it!


denny said...

Ha ha! This has been me lately... love it!