Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blog Candy

As soon as my number hits 20,000 hits - I will be offering the largest blog candy I have offered yet!! I will tease you with photos as the number gets closer! Just leave a comment here with your favorite 3 stamp companies!! Have a happy!!


kathleenh said...

Stampin' Up!
Stampin' Up!
Stampin' Up!

Rhiannon said...

hmmmm...this is a tough one! Probably (in no particular order):
Stampin' Up

Shelby said...

Well, although I only tend to buy from SU due to budget limitations, I love:

Whipper Snapper

tammy b said...

autumn leaves
fancy pants

Melissas said...

Hambo, Stampin Up!, MFT

Thanks for the chance at candy!

Jane said...

RIGHT NOW (geesh...it changes daily!) I'd say my favorites are

Gina K
Memory Box (the Penguins)
House Mouse
Stampendous (the changito monkeys)


maiahs_momma said...

Stampin Up, inkadinkado, and Penny Black stamps would be my fav stamp sets for now. Thanks for this chance at your blog candy :)!

Jill K said...

Hi, you don't know me but I check your blog regularly! Great work. My favorite stamps are Stampin' Up, Stampin' Up and Stampin' Up! Thanks :)

scfranson said...

Love your blog!
Stampin Up
Papertrey Ink

Rita said...

Well, just 3 huh? Lets see...Stampin Up, Stamping Bella, & Gina K. Designs. I can't wait to see what the candy will be...whatever it is it will be great. Thanks for the chance to win some candy! Yeah!!!

Melanie aka Batgirl said...

your crazy!!! lol. I love SU, Close to my Heart and Bellas!

dasimonds said...

Stampin' Up
Hero Arts

Stampin' Up is my #1 source of
Rubber Stamps...but I do like a variety of others.
Thanks for a chance to WIN your blog candy.

Linda SS said...

Boy is this ever a tough guestion because I LOVE so many. I will say
Gina K., Paper Trey, and Stampendous. But variety is the spice of life and I buy my favorites from many companies.

Reality Show Reject said...

Stampin' Up. I've got some from other companies, but I don't know who they are. I've only really bought from SU! or Hobby Lobby. Thanks for the chance to win!

Rachel said...

Stampin' Up
Technique Tuesday

Kristina said...

Paper Trey Ink
Cat's Pajama's

lois lane said...

My very favorite is Stampin Up! of course!!! Then I will say Stamping Bella and whoever makes the House Mouse stamps.

emily said...

i love:
and hero arts stamps

imteresa said...

Oh, this is a hard question!
The Cat's Pajamas
Hero Arts

CAKVD said...

Wow, I know what you've offered in the past, so this must be a big prize!! Very cool! Here are mine:
Stampin up
Studio G
Stamps by Judith
Cheryl KVD

Heather said...

Can't wait to see what you have in store!
My 3 favs -
Stamping Up
A Muse

Julie Campbell said...

Hmmm.... can I pick more???? I'll just help those poor souls out that can't think of three. :)

Rubber Soul
Papertrey Ink
Lizzie Anne
Stamping Bella
C.C. Designs

Peggy S said...

Wow 20K!!! Congrats!!
My top 3 are: SU!, Lizzie Anne, and Stampendous. But there are so many more!! :)

InspiredByInk said...

Hi My favs are:

Stampin Up
Papertrey Ink
and Stamping Bellas

Thanks or asking!

Bobbie *Ü*

Katia said...

My fav are:

Stampin Up
Hero Arts
Autumn Leaves


Peggy Maier said...

Oooo - that's easy -
1. Stampin' Up!
2. Penny Black
3. Stamping Bellas

Kathi B said...

Congrats on soooo many hits.

My favorite stamp companies are:

Stampin' Up!
Gina K Designs
Papertrey Ink

I can't wait what the candy is going to be.

Sandra L-M said...

Congratulations! I must say I only "buy" on a regular basis Stampin' Up! However, I'm considering getting a few Bellas and some from Cat Pajamas. Thanks, Sandra

doverdi said...

My 3 favorite stamp companies would have to be:
1. Whippersnapper
2. Paperbag Studios
3. Autumn Leaves

jodene said...

I will have to keep my fingers crossed. My 3 favs are Stampin Up, The Angel Company and Bellas. Yet I don't own any Bella's yet! Thanks for the chance.

Flossie's Follies said...

Gosh, they change constantly, but as of now I would have to say
Memory Box
Missy B Designs

Shelly said...

Hello, what a great blog! My favorite stamp companies right now are SU, Paper Trey and Penny Black...but Amuse and Memory Box are close runner ups!

Laura W said...

Wow, you ARE close to 20k! Congrats! :) Okay, I really am new to this and use mostly SU (easy access:), BUT I also love Lizzie Anne stamps, and Papertrey has a lot of cute stuff!

Wife2TJ said...

Yay! Blog candy!!!

My favorite stamp companies are

Hero arts

Melodie K said...

1-Stampin Up!!!
2- Papertrey!!!!
3- Bellas!!!

Ida Faye said...

Stampin' Up
Penny Black
Hero Arts

HeyHeyPaula said...

Only 3?
1. Stampin' Up
2. Stampendous
3. Gina K

Jen said...

1. Stampin' UP!
2. Stampendous
3. Paper Trey

Pat S. said...

Wow Kristina!
Thanks for offering blog candy...again!!!

My 3 favorite stamp companies:
Stampin' Up

Cindy Vernon said...

Right now...my favorites are Stampendous, MFT, and CTMH.

Tami said...

Stampin Up
Gina K
A Muse

of course, it changes all the time!

whidbey said...

cat's pajama's
colorful creations new line!
can't wait to see what's up

Momsnack said...

That's a difficult question:
Stampin Up
Penny Black/Hero Arts
Lizzie Ann
Gina K
NancyS (momsnack)

Angel Wilde said...

Paper Trey
Stampin Up
Autumn Leaves

Can't wait to see what you offer for blog candy! :-)

Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

I am loving:
Lizzie Anne Designs
Rosie's Roadshow

But there are others, too!

Ijsbeer said...

Congrats on all the hits! :)

In no particular order:
Hero Arts - because my first stamps came from this company:)

Time to Stamp - half their collection is on my wishlist!

And any company that sells polar bear stamps:)

Allison said...

Hi Kristina...you may become a blog candy queen soon if you are not careful! Three companies? Yeesh...there are so many. Right now, I like The Cat's Pajamas, High Hopes and A*muse!

kjbmusic said...

Congrats on the post number.
Thanks for the chance.

scrappintrish said...

OMG! You have 47 comments already! GEEZ! lol.. Lets see, my favorite 3 are A Muse, SU!, And CTMH.

Suzy said...

My 3 favorites are Stampin Up, Impression Obsession and Lockhart. Thank you so much for the chance!

ikkinlala said...

I find it hard to pick three favourites, because half the time I don't even notice or remember what company makes what product. But I'm going to go with Hero Arts, Papertrey Ink, and Gina K.

Anne Marie said...

Stampin Up
gotta add a "wish list" fav ... Fancy Pants. Oh my some of their new sets are so beautiful! BTW, your girls are so precious! I could barely get pics of mine; eldest started HS this year, and she was bleary eyed and out the door at 6:00 am!

Cathy said...

Congrats on 20K! Wow! Don't surprise, your work is so creative and inspiring.
OK my 3 companies are:



Rubber Soul

Thanks for a chance at this BIG BIG mystery candy. I just know you will have some fun fun fun to play with.

Monika said...

My favourite stamp company would be
Stamin Up
Stampin UP
and High Hopes
Thanks for a chance to win some candy!

Pattyjo said...

Oh I'm tempted! LOL
I love Stampin Up
I also love impression Obsession with Alisa Baker's art stamps
I will pick Addicted to Stamping...hehehe...it has ALL the stamp companies!

OK Now pick me....pick me!

lexi said...

a muse
papertrey ink
stamping bella

i still love su!, too, but i'm so hooked on these others right now!

:) lexi

Wendy L. said...

My favorites change all the time but I always seem to like something from Stampendous and Penny Black. I like Stampin Up. Rosie's Roadshow stamps are just darling. Congrats on 20000!!!
Weny L.

Jannette said...

Congrats on the 20k!! And my 3 favorite companies are
Starving Artist

Love your work and I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

Jannette D.

Márcia Mattos said...

My Favorite are

1- Hero arts
2 - Stamping Bella
3- Penny black

thanks for the chance

rebecca said...

In no particular order: PaperTrey, SU, Gina K. There are so many wonderful stamp companies out there I'm just discovering. I don't dare look too much or I end up wanting them all! Thanks for letting me play along. Nice job on your blog, BTW. Continued success.

Anonymous said...

My favorite stamps are:
Stampin' Up!

Whipper Snapper

Penny Black


Ghazal(ghazal_31005@yahoo.com) said...

Stampin Up!

... and congrats on the big number!

Amie said...

stampin up
stamping bella
paper trey


bluemoon said...
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bluemoon said...

Oooops, so sorry, I forgot to congratulate you on 20K!!

My 3 fav's are: (but not limited to)

1. Definitely SU
2. Magenta
3. Stampendous

Thanks so much. Happy Day!! :))

Schnubbeldupp said...

these are my favorites:
1. Penny Black
2. Stanpin' up!
3. Paperbag studios

I'm from Germany, my english isn't very good, but I try my very best!

Thanks for your Blog...

Jan Scholl said...

Penny Black
Rosie's Roadshow
Technique Tuesday

foodpartyfun said...

1. Stampin' Up
2. Penny Black
3. Stampendous

Thanks for sharing!

denise said...

Close to My Heart

Susannk said...

Wow! 20,000 hits Congrats!
My 3 favorite stamps companies are
Stampin Up
There are so many more but if I had to pick just 3 those would be it.

Denise said...

WOW! Tough one...

i think 3 of my favorites are:

Stampin' Up
The Angel Company
Autumn Leaves

5ft_nothin' said...

Tough one!! Difficult to limit to just 3 choices! I'll have to say Stamping Bella, Stampendous, & Great Impressions.

Wow, 20K!! Love your blog!

lacyquilter said...

Well, that is one tough question. I could easily list 10.

Penny Black
Stampin' Up

Sharon in NE said...

The Cat's Pajamas
Crafty Secrets

Monika/Buzsy said...

SU!, Stampendous, and right now still Stamping Bella... TFS!

sandie c said...


Congrats on all those hits and for the wonderful sharing of ideas.

SpAzzGiRL said...

Wow, look at all these comments!
I would say, Savvy Stamps, Inque Boutique and October Afternoon.
You'll be at 20,000 in no time!

Starqueen said...

Ooohhh! It's hard to choose just three!
Right now it's:
My Favorite Things
Rubber Romance.

I'm loving paper piecing, and it looks great with these stamps!

melissa roth said...

I like to support the SAHM's who work as demonstrators to help suppliment their income.
1) The Angel Company
2) Close to My Heart
3) Stampin Up

nettystamps said...

Let's see....
1. Stampin' UP
2. Bellas
3. Stampin' up

Sorry I am pretty loyal....LOL


Jennifer said...


A Muse
Stampin Up
My Favorite Things

ilovecupcakes said...

20,000?!?!? That's insane!!

Hero Arts
Technique Tuesday

Lilian said...

my three favorite are papertrey, amuse, and stampin up. :)

sandy said...

My 3 favorites are stampin up, amuse (I think) and hero arts.

-Paris Otremba- said...

Gotta Agree with KathleenH!!
well, maybe stampingbella too.
ha ha ha ha.

Congrats on 20,000 hits!!!
Can't wait to meet you on Friday.

Andrea Hays said...

Stampin' Up!
Papertrey Inc

Thanks for the giveaway!

janet allen said...

Wow, you really aren't very far away from the 20K. I think my current favorites are:
1. A*Muse
2. Hero Arts
3. Stampendous

Thanks for a chance to win.

Kris said...

Congratulations on 20K hits! I love your blog and seeing everyone's cards!
1. Stampin Up
2. Stampin Up
3. Stampin Up

Selina said...

Stampin' Up!
Gina K
House Mouse

Jules said...

I love your blog, I saw your comments on paper ink-pressions (Anna). 20,000 visitors, wow, I haven't even had 100 yet. I have a blog, but it is mostly family information. I was thinking of starting a blog just for stamping, and cards. I make cards more than scrapbooks. My favorite stamping companies are: Close to my Heart, and Stamping up. I have never bought a stamp from Amaze, but I like them also.

Heather Leech said...

My faves are Stampin' Up!, PaperTrey Ink, Bella, Inky Antics, Hambo....the list goes on!
Thanks for a chance at what sounds like it's going to be a great prize!!
Heather L.

Elaine said...

I love Stampin Up
Stampendous and
either Hero or Memory Box!

Ruth Ann said...

Hero Arts
Memory Box

Kelly said...

Right now, my three favorites are Close to My Heart, Stampin' Up, and Amuse.

canben said...

I agree with kathleenh - Stampin' Up! Stampin' Up! and Stampin' Up! BUT if you're going to MAKE use choose others ;) I guess I would say:

Stampin' Up!
Close to My Heart
Technique Tuesday

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the hits!! I love browsin' your blog...your cards are great!
My favorites are:
Stampin Up
Gina K
Penny Black
Thanks for this chance to win!!
~Brenda H.

Pat S. said...

Hey Kristina...you're over 20000!!!

Thanks for offering blog candy...again!!!

My 3 favorite stamp companies:
Stampin' Up

Nancy said...

So many favorites...

A Muse Artstamps(Always #1 for me!)
The Cat's Pajama's
Memory Box