Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to School

I feel melancholy, my girls went back to school today. Where does time go? They are so excited to go and I feel like the house is quiet and empty without them. What should I do?? Stamp? Oh well, if I must :)! I can't wait for them to get home so I can hear how their day went! I hope all of you are having a joy filled day! ((hugs))


SpAzzGiRL said...

I see pink is very popular in the Lewis house!
They are so cute, how old are they? Way more fashionable than I ever was in my younger days, although there was that year I wore turquoise corduroy the first day and thought I was sooooo cool! lol

kathleenh said...

Melancholy Schmeloncholy. It's time to party!

Rhiannon said...

Two beautiful girls...back to school seems so long ago :) My Missy Maya heads back to preschool tomorrow...not quite the same. I am sure next year will be a different story...Hope that stampin' brightens your day :) I am actually looking forward to the day that I can stamp while the kids are away...in like FIVE years :) Have a great day!!

Kristina Lewis said...

Morgan is 11 and going to middle school!! (6th grade) Mallory just turned 9 and is in 4th!). Almost time to meet them at the bus stop!!

lexi said...

so cute and fashionable! did you make it through the day?! :) lexi

mimihas5 said...

Kristina, yur girls are beautiful! I hope the first day of school went well for them.

How's mom doing? ;)


Pattyjo said...

Your girls are so beautiful! I'll bet they were excited to go to school and meet new friends.

My name is Stacey said...

Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!
It's nice when they go back isn't it? But the house is SO quiet sometimes...it just doesn't seem right! :) I don't think it takes too long to get used to though! :)If your girls are anything like mine they LOVED being back to school with ALL their friends!
I hope you enjoyed some time stamping! :)

Angelique@bookmanfamily.org said...

Your girls are so cute!

So excited that we are partners for the Halloween Swap!

Great blog you have going here!

See you around! :O)

Have a great week!