Thursday, May 22, 2008

What a day!

Hello! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Almost all the ATC's are here for the swap and they are FANTASTIC! I am holding off sharing mine so they will be a surprise when you receive them. My daughter Mallory broke her elbow at school today. Poor girl. She is my danger prone Dauphine. What a start to the summer!

Also, Amuse is doing some candy today be certain to check it out!


AdriansCrazyLife said...

Oh my goodness Kristina. I know exactly what you mean. My son Blake broke his wrist at exactly this same point in the year last year. Sadly, it did make for a pretty miserable summer for him. Make sure they give her a "water" cast. It has a special liner in it so they can shower and swim. You may have to pay a bit extra for it, but it's totally worth it! We had that for half the time, but then they had to put pins in, so after that there was no water at all - ugh. Best wishes to you.

PS: I just sent you an E-mail about my swap. It's on it's way, sorry it's late.

Alex said...

Oooh, can't wait to get mine!!! I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, what a bummer as we head into summer!


Mary said...

Ouch! I am so sorry to hear that your daughter broke her elbow. Poor little thing.


Stacey said...

Poor Mallory!!! Bless her little heart.
Nikki broke her elbow when she was in 1st Grade. She fell off the jungle gym thing at school. The WORST, well, maybe not worst but right up there...was it was the SAME night as the Father Daughter Dance and we were stuck in the ER WAITING to be seen. We bought a special dress, coursage, boutineer (sp?), had her hair all rolled for the day to do it special that night and everything. It was terrible--poor thing.
Tell her to hang in there!!

Unknown said...

Hi Kristina,
Long time no chat. :) I have been SUPER busy. I just had my baby on May 12th, plus we moved again so I have been too busy to do much of anything. I want to start to get back into blogging but not sure what to Blog about. I haven't been stamping or scrapbooking latley. We will see!!! I hope to hear from you! I'm sorry to hear about your daughter! Tell her to hang in there. :)

Unknown said...

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