Thursday, April 17, 2008

ATC Swap Time

Hello! Yes, It has been too long since I've been in touch. I am hoping that a few of my blogging friends are still checking in because I would like to hold a few ATC swaps. Please sign-up by May 5th and make 10 of your fabulous creation. ATC's must be postmarked by May 17th. Please include a stamped pre-addressed envelope. All ATC's must have at least 2 layers and one embellishment. This is gonna be fun!!


A Muse (including Elzybells and Missy Ballance)
1. Kristina Lewis FINISHED
2. Teresa Ehteshami RECEIVED
3. Erin LeveilleRECEIVED
4. Michele H RECEIVED
5. Tracy Clemente RECEIVED
7. Tami Wood RECEIVED
8. Jen Daloisio RECEIVED
9. Missy Ballance RECEIVED
10. Tinla Woo RECEIVED

A Muse Group 2

1. Kristina Lewis RECEIVED
2. Erin LeveilleRECEIVED
3. Tinla Woo RECEIVED
4. Tandra Boyer
5. Tamara RECEIVED
6. Leigh O'Brien RECEIVED
8. Tami Wood RECEIVED
9. Tracy Clemente RECEIVED
10. Lexi Daly RECEIVED

Stampin' Up!
1. Kristina Lewis FINISHED
2. Kathleen Hopperstad RECEIVED
3. Erin LeveilleRECEIVED
4. Tandra Boyer
5. Bobbie RECEIVED
6. Alexandra RECEIVED
7. Adrian RECEIVED
9. Rhiannon RECEIVED
10. Paula S. I am taking this spot as I have not heard from Paula FINISHED

Cat's Pajamas
1. Kristina Lewis FINISHED
2. Erin LeveilleRECEIVED
3. Tracy Clemente RECEIVED
5. Leigh O'Brien RECEIVED
6. Kathleen Bennett RECEIVED
7. Kathleen Hopperstad RECEIVED
8. Ruth Ann RECEIVED
10. Kristina FINISHED

Memory Box
1. Kristina Lewis FINISHED
2. Erin LeveilleRECEIVED
3. Michele H RECEIVED
4. Tracy Clemente RECEIVED
6. Tami Wood RECEIVED
7. Carlyn Parsons RECEIVED
9. Jen Deloisio RECEIVED
10. Tinla RECEIVED

Thanks! I am looking forward to this!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God...its true "SHE HAS RISEN." Welcome back blogger KAL. Glad you came out of hibernation just like a bear. I hope you know I'm teasing you sweet one. We must get Tinla and hopefully my girl Mary. This is great news! I may have to hurt you the nite before they are due. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

If you dont mind my exactly do these swaps work? What does one make? The Memory Box one and the A Muse one?

Sorry- only ever done a couple card swaps and circle journals. :O)

Kristina Lewis said...

Angelique - email me at

I can send you a tutorial on ATC's. They are so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristina! This is going to be so much fun!!! Thanks so much for hosting:):) Tinla

Alex said...

Whoohoo - I am so glad you are BACK, girl - never gave up on ya, still on my blog roll, lol!!! I am soooo IN, and I see Kathleen is too so it will be a super swap - thanks for hosting....see mine this week as well....*STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Linda Nicholson said...

I would like a spot in your TCP ATC swap.

Let me know if you still have an opening!