Sunday, November 18, 2007

What have I been up to...?

Hello! I'm certain some of you are wondering where I wandered off to. I do have some wonderful news to report. After designing jewelry for celebrities for a long time, Maya Brenner has made her beautiful creations available through home based sales with Luxe founder Jessica Herrin! My mother worked with the CEO, Mike Lohner, at another company and I was invited to join - I couldn't refuse this opportunity! I am now a part of the Luxe Jewels team! This is a ground floor opportunity! I have always wanted to join a company at the begining! Yes, I do love jewelry and this is the real deal! Everything is sterling silver, real gems, quality pieces and gorgeous! Not to mention they are worn by celebrities all over the place! Teri Hatcher wore them on Desperate Housewives, Jennifer Garner has worn Charmed Life on Alias, Penelope Cruz has a piece named after her and she is featured in the catalogue. Linsay Lohan, Tori Spelling, Demi Moore and Rebecca Romjin are shown wearing Luxe on Luxe's website. Peek at them by clicking here. They are featured in magazines as must have items and they exclusive through us representatives! I am so excited about this chance and I would LOVE to share this with you! Email me if you would like more details! I just had to share this excitement with all of you!


Unknown said...

Hi Kristina!
Just had to stop by and say hi and tell you I loved the jewelry! You can count on me for a couple purchases in the future; gotta save some money for the holidays and the new baby right now though!
Also, thank you for your support of my business at the CHE craft show! I truly hope you enjoy your purchases and it was so fantastic to meet you! Big hugs - Niki

Anonymous said...

Well its SO good to hear from you Miss Kristina. How about some Luxe blog candy to welcome you back to blogworld? LOL. I wish you all the best with your new business.

Anonymous said...

I love almost every peice that LUXE has!! The catalog is fabulous! CAn't wait to get my beautifull charm bracelet for my b-day!!

Good luck w/your NEW endevore! You're going to LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

ops... I ment to say CHARM NECKLACE... not bracelet. It's late... I need to go to bed... wink wink.

Mary said...

Congratulations Kristina. What wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

congrats on your new adventure! how exciting! :)

kathleenh said...

Cute stuff!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting, I was starting to get worried about ya woman! LOL
I have never even heard of this jewlery, off to check it out.

dasimonds said...

Hi Kristina..
Wow..Very beautiful jewelry !
Wishing you the best of luck in
your new business.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you!! I'm excited for you! Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!! :)

Tami McBeain said... my dreams I'll own every piece! It's seriously fabulous!Congrats on your new adventure!