Saturday, May 19, 2007

Garage Sale Season

My upline & DF Kathleen Hopper- stad (a very talented stamper, check her out at SCS KathleenH) and I went garage saling (a new verb) last night! We had so much fun and found many fun items. Do you love the hunt? My favorite find was an organizational iron and wicker piece. What are your favorite garage sale finds?


Shelly said...

Loooovvveee Garage Saling(using this verb for years, haha) Especially, the Woodbury Community Garage Sales in May. Mother's day weekend, it's my favorite Mom's Day gift to myself.
And this year I found SU! stamp sets for HALF PRICE, how cool is that!!

scrappintrish said...

Hey, I am going back threw you posts to see your creations. Thought I would let you know what my favorite thing to run into was. Books! Love books. Especially when I hit a sale that has tons of books by one of my favorite authors. :) I have yet to hit a sale that sells stamping or scrapbooking supplies. Wish I could though!